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Marburg, Diana. Diana Marburg was created by L.T. Meade (Micah Faraday, Paul Gilchrist, Madame Sara) and Robert Eustace and appeared in three stories in Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.) in 1902, beginning with “The Dead Hand” (Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.), Feb. 1902); the stories were collected in The Oracle of Maddox Street (1904).

Diana Marburg is a Superhuman. She is “a palmist by profession. From her earliest years occult phenomena, spiritualism, clairvoyance, and many other mysterious of the unseen world, had excited her keenest interest.” She studied under Reichenbach and Mesmer before becoming a professional “thought reader and palmist” on Maddox Street in London. She has psychic abilities which manifest themselves through palm-reading, and she uses these abilities to foretell the future and solve crimes.

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