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Manx, Pete. Pete Manx was created by “Kelvin Kent,” the pseudonym of Arthur K. Barnes (Gerry Carlyle, Jack Darrell) and Henry Kuttner (The Baldies, Yusef ben Yakoud, Elak, Gallegher, Hogbens, Michael Leigh, Tony Quade, Prince Raynor, Doctor Thorkel, Thunder Jim Wade), and appeared in twelve stories in Thrilling Wonder Stories from 1939 to 1944, beginning with “Roman Holiday” (Thrilling Wonder Stories, Aug. 1939).

Pete Manx is a Con Man. He is a carnival barker and swindler whose attempts at crime inevitably land him in trouble, at which point he always runs to the laboratory of his friend, Dr. Mayhem. Mayhem is curious about the past, and has a time machine of his own creation, but is reluctant to use the time machine. So Manx does so, traveling to the courts of King Arthur and Julius Caesar and attempting to make a profit while doing so. (These attempts always end in failure).

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