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Mannister. Mannister was created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Peter Benskin, General Besserley, Stanley Brooke, Joseph P. Cray, John Dickens, Nicholas Goade, Malcolm Gossett, Peter Hames, B. JasenGerald Jennerton, Algernon Knox, Ambrose LavendaleJohn T. Laxworthy, Baroness Claire Linz, Joseph Londe, Lucie Mott, Sanford Quest, Aaron Rodd, Peter Ruff, Monsieur Sabin, Michael Sayers, Jasper Slane) and appeared in “The Long Arm of Mannister” (Cosmopolitan, Oct. 1907-June 1908); the stories were collected in The Long Arm of Mannister (1908).

Mannister is tall, slim, debonair, English and wealthy. But seven men and women, some of whom were his friends, conspired to rob him of his fortune, or what they thought was his fortune, and of his wife. This does not break Mannister, however, and he takes a Count of Monte Cristo-style vengeance on the seven. But his revenge is just. The man who takes Mannister’s wife is a coward, so Mannister leaves the pair alive, and together, and wretched. One of the seven is an adventuress, and Mannister forces her to return to the husband and daughter she abandoned. In the end Mannister discovers that his wife was lured away from him by deceit, and he allows himself to be reunited with her. As an Edmond Dantès-like avenger Mannister is grim and relentless.

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