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Manners, Mary. Mary Manners was created by George D. Baker and appeared in the film In Judgment Of (1918).

Mary Manners is a Superhuman. She is the descendant of a Romany (Gypsy) family and has inherited from them the ability to read minds. When Manners, a debutante, is rescued from robbers by Dr. John O’Neil, the two become friends. This causes friction between Manners and her fiancé Robert Brainard, which is made worse by the revelation that O’Neil is Robert’s step-brother. Robert’s father, Judge Brainard, is blackmailed with this information, but the Judge kills the blackmailer. O’Neil is arrested for the crime, but Manners uses her abilities to discover the truth and Judge Brainard, knowing that Manners knows the truth, admits to the crime. But according to the jury Judge Brainard acted in self-defense and is acquitted of the crime, and Manners and O’Neil marry.

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