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Manley, Jack. Jack Manley was created by David Aylott and A.E. Coleby and appeared in the film The Pirates of 1920 (1911).

Jack Manley is a British Army lieutenant who is on a cruise liner when it is attacked by a crew of pirates who are using a motorized and armed dirigible to plunder surface vessels. The pirates kill some of the ship's crew and force the rest to reveal where the ship's bullion is kept. Manley and the other men on the ship rush the zeppelin’s rope ladders as it departs, but only Manley can hold on, so only he survives when the pirates bomb the ship and destroy it. Manley is captured, and the pirate captain takes a liking to a picture of Mary, Manley’s sweetheart, that Manley has been carrying. The pirates go off to kidnap Mary. Manley goes overboard, Mary drops a bomb in the ship, forcing it to land, and then throws another bomb, killing most of the crew, and Manley returns and kills the pirate captain.

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