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Manfred, Judge. Judge Manfred was created by A. Rowley Hilliard (Herbert Jules) and appeared in Justice be Damned (1941) and Outlaw Island (1942).

T.W. Manfred is a county judge, in Murdock County. He “had been mentioned more than once in the newspapers as a possible appointee to the Supreme Court.” He’s known to the press as a “Big Gun,” and is happy to serve in a “one-horse political job” on the grounds that “a citizen should serve his local government to the fullest extent of his qualifications.” Manfred, naturally, knows the law intimately, and to boot has a presence even larger than his own not-insubstantial bulk: “the head, half again too large, carried a brain half again too large; and the eyes, half again too large, revealed flashes of a personality in the same proportion.” Manfred is learned, wise, and as concerned with mercy as with justice.

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