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Malygris. Malygris was created by Clark Ashton Smith (City of the Singing Flame, Maal Dweb, Satampra Zeiros, Zothique) and appeared in “The Last Incantation” (Weird Tales, June 1930) and “The Death of Malygris” (Weird Tales, Apr. 1934).

Malygris is an ancient, evil, and wise magician whose home is his tower, which looms over Susran, the capital of Poseidonis. Malygris is frighteningly knowledgeable and powerful, is capable of casting spells which can do nearly everything, and possesses huge amounts of priceless treasure. He is also accompanied by a “familiar the form of a coral viper.” But he is gripped with ennui, having done and seen everything, and even summoning up the spirit of his long-dead first love does not make him feel better. After his death, when much lesser sorcerers, led by the jealous King Gadeiron and the envious arch-sorcerer Maranapion, would loot his tower, Malygris’ familiar demon curses them.

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