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Malone, John J. John J. Malone was created by “Craig Rice,” the pseudonym of Georgianna Ann Randolph Craig (Melville Fairr, Jake and Helen Justus, Gypsy Rose Lee, Bingo Riggs), and appeared in nineteen short stories, seventeen novels and short story collections, three movies, and a radio show from 1939 to 1963, beginning with Eight Faces At Three.

John J. Malone is “Chicago’s noisiest and most noted criminal lawyer.” He is hard-drinking (spending more time at Joe the Angel’s City Hall Bar than in court), hard-boiled, and a blowhard, but he is loyal to his secretary, Maggie Cassidy (who loves him) and to his friends, Jake and Helen Justus. Malone is occasionally assisted by, and assists, Captain Daniel von Flannagan of the Homicide Squad, and later in the series helps and is helped by Hildegarde Withers.

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