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Malone, Freckles. Freckles Malone was created by “Ward M. Stevens,” the pseudonym of Paul S. Powers (Johnny Forty-Five, Kid Wolf, King Kolt, Sonny Tabor), and appeared in eighteen stories and one novel in Wild West Weekly from 1929 to 1938, beginning with “Pony Mail” (Wild West Weekly, Aug. 24, 1929).

Freckles Malone is a clean-cut young redhead, covered with freckles, but with steely blue eyes. Malone works for the Butterfield Overland Mail Company of Tucson, but also helps the U.S. Cavalry escort mail coaches through Apache territory in Arizona and Mexico. Malone leaves Butterfield to work for a cattle outfit run by the Overland company. Malone’s best friend is Swen Svenson, a big rawboned Swede who is an excellent cook of flapjacks and a very good shot with a .50 Sharpes rifle. Malone is slender and strong.

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