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Malone, Dizzy. Dizzy Malone was created by Perry Paul (The Madame) and appeared in a number of stories in Gun Molls Magazine in 1930, beginning with “The Jane From Hell’s Kitchen” (Gun Molls Magazine, Oct. 1930).

Dizzy Malone is a Gun Moll. She is a hard-drinking blonde adventuress, wise in the ways of men and evil, sexy, hard, quick, hot-tempered, violent, and no man’s patsy. When she is double-crossed by her former boss The Ghost, she sees to it that The Ghost pays for it. Malone is an expert driver, a top pilot and gunner, and a regular in the speakeasies, nightclubs, and underworld hangouts of New York City. Her one true love is her “purple paradise,” a lushly over-decorated gambling hall that she owns and operates.

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