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Malins, Tommy. Tommy Malins was created by Maurice Dix (Simon Bullion, James Miller) and appeared in four novels from 1933 to 1937, beginning with Twisted Evidence.

Tommy Malins is a handsome young Englishman of the upper classes. He dresses well and expensively and has a languid, graceful manner, but beneath the lazy appearance is pure steel. He is a consulting detective of international fame, but more than that, he is a very successful freelance agent for the British Foreign Office. With his friends, the world-renowned explorer Tony Mornington and the small, quick George Hawkins, Malins carries out a series of missions in Tibet, China, and Europe, doing things like blowing up monastery archives in Lhasa and fighting a Big-Headed Dwarf Genius Yellow Peril who uses voodoo and mesmerism against his victims.

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