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Malabar. Malabar was created by the French author Jean Ricard and appeared in eight serials and novels from 1932 to 1940, beginning with Malabar.

Malabar is a Lupin. Malabar is “lawyer, engineer, chemist, mountebank, crook, swindler and the one perfect man in the world." He is pursued by Miramon, the ace of the Surêté, who would crown a career of achievement with Malabar’s capture. Malabar, also known as Gaston Perrière, is a melancholy fatalist with a painful past and a compassionate heart. He does not kill, except in self-defense, and out of desires equally noble and playful takes on a variety of enemies, including the Valkyrie-like criminal mastermind Greta von Steckenberg and the vicious German spy Tossica, who uses a voodoo ritual to turn French peasants into zombies who will commit suicide for Germany.

For his efforts Malabar is pardoned of all his crimes by the French government and then goes to the small Central European country of Dravélie (similar to Anthony Hope’s Ruritania) to fight the Germans. It’s revealed there that Malabar is an exile of Dravélie’s noble family. Malabar is assisted by the French policemen Tigralet and Pinson, who begin by chasing him and end by helping him as his friends.

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