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Makhno, Nestor. Nestor Ivanovich Makhno (1889-1934) was a Ukranian anarchist. In 1923 the Russian author Ivane Perestiani (Arsen) put Makhno in the Celebrity Pulp movie Tsiteli Eshmakunebi.

The filmic Makhno is an evil anarchist and the leader of a sinister gang of thugs. After various barbarities Makhno is overcome by three children, including one racist stereotype. Unlike the real Makhno, who waged war on the steppes of the Ukraine, the filmic Makhno fights his campaigns in the mountains, rivers, and steppes of the North Caucasus, and employs German mercenaries as his bodyguards. He is finally captured by three children whose parents were murdered by White Russians. The children are aided by Semyon Budyonny (1883-1973), a Bolshevik army commander.

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