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Mâh le Sinistre. Mâh le Sinistre was created by “Charles Robert-Dumas,” the pseudonym of the French author Charles Darelles (Commandant Benoît), and appeared in L’Idole de Plomb (1935).

Mâh le Sinistre is a Yellow Peril. He is a Mongolian secret agent for Germany, one of the German Bolsheviks' best agents in the war with the decadent West. Mâh is a brutal fanatic, someone who not only disembowels his enemies, typically in seedy hotels in the poorer parts of Paris, but who also takes great pleasure in doing so. Mâh works by day as an exporter in Paris, but by night he steals French military secrets and sells them to the Germans. Mâh is not only a spy but is also a master chemist who brews up "Ecstasy 136," a sure-fire aphrodisiac that he uses on any white woman he desires. He also creates as a gas capable of wiping out Paris' population in a matter of hours. His only weakness is for Muguette, a beautiful French spy who eventually puts a bullet through Mâh's head.

Mâh is an unusual variation on the Yellow Peril character type. Most Yellow Peril characters individually featured low cunning, the Communist Menace, anti-White hatred, and sexual threat, but few combined them all into one character.

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