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Madero, Jose Manuel. Jose Manuel Madero was created by “Geoffrey Homes,” the pseudonym of Daniel Mainwaring (Robin Bishop, Humphrey Campbell), and appeared in The Street of the Crying Woman (1942) and The Hill of the Terrified Monk (1943). Jose Manuel Madero is

a dapper, undersized detective...that’s not his name–he’s an Indian, a Zapotec, from the hills back of odd little guy, who, when he gets up against a particularly difficult case, goes home, puts on some of those white pajamas the peons wear, and a pair of huaraches and sits on his haunches in the sun knitting.

When he’s trailing someone or not mulling a case, he dresses very well. He is polite, a patriot, clever, and speaks English as fluently as he does Spanish. He is happily married and has two daughters.

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