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Mader, Eugen. Eugen Mader was created by the German author Joseph Delmont and appeared in Die Stadt unter dem Meere (1925).

Eugen Mader is a German submarine captain. During World War One Mader and his crew discover an underwater cave off the coast of Italy. The only access to the cave is through a flooded passage, so the cave had been undiscovered before Mader and his crew found it. When the war ends Mader and his crew feel they can no longer return to Germany, on the grounds that it is ruled by the “beast mob,” so they establish a headquarters in the cave and create “the city under the sea.”

With the financial help of Germans who emigrated to Venezuela, Mader and his crew build a technologically advanced submarine, the Vaterland, and a ray weapon. The Italian government discovers and attacks the “city under the sea,” so Mader and his men leave in the Vaterland and two similar submarines. When news of their existence becomes known, the stock market crashes and there is a global panic. Evil non-whites rebel, and the French and Russians, having secretly allied, threaten to take over the world. Mader and his submarines fight off enemy attacks, help a revolution in France, and ultimately bring about the establishment of a new Reich.

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