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Maddox, Mister. Mister Maddox was created by T. T. Flynn (Cassidy, Denver Kid, Val Easton, Mike Harris, Izzy O'Shea) and appeared in thirty-five stories in Dime Detective Magazine from 1938 to 1950, beginning with “Dead Man’s Debt” (Dime Detective Magazine, Feb. 1938).

John Maddox is a “huge and genial” man who is the “smartest bookie operating” and is respected across the country. He lives a high life, smoking the best cigars, drinking the best scotch, and staying in the best hotels, because he makes good money as a bookie. Often he is required by his job to visit racetracks across the country, and his visits inevitably bring him to crime scenes across the United States. He is assisted by Oscar.

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