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Madame Sara. Madame Sara was created by L.T. Meade (Micah Faraday, Paul Gilchrist, Diana Marburg) and appeared in “The Sorceress of the Strand” (The Strand Magazine, Oct. 1902-Mar. 1903).

Madame Sara is a Femme Fatale. She is a beautifier and owns her own shop in London, from which she helps her clients through cosmetics, dentistry, or surgery. She has traveled around the world and uses the knowledge she gained in South America to help her clients. She is popular with Society, and moves in the best circles. She is also a poisoner, adventuress, and murderer who is interested in making as much money as she can, and toward that end murders one woman by putting poison in the filling of her tooth, blackmails a bride in an attempt to get a valuable pearl necklace, and helps a man murder and fake a haunting to gain access to a lode of gold. Eventually she is killed by one of her own gadgets.

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