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Mad Moor. The Mad Moor was created by “John Coleridge,” the pseudonym of Otto Binder (Invisible Robinhood, Adam Link, Little People, Vincent Renolf, Dan Williams, Anton York), and appeared in “The Black Comet” (Science Fiction, June 1939) and “World of Illusion” (Future Fiction, Nov. 1940).

In 2220 the first man took a spaceship beyond the moon and survived the return trip. That was Captain Moor, brave and accomplished despite being only sixteen years old. Following his moon trip he went to Mars and blazed trails across the Solar System. He became known as “Mad” Moor because of his complete lack of fear and defiance of the odds. Then, 25 years ago, he vanished “out Pluto-way on the trail of the illusive [sic] spacateer who marauded the space lanes with his mystery ship, the Silver Dart.” Now Moor is eighty-three years old, scarred, old, cold, hard, and stern. But he is not completely unfriendly, and when a younger spacer finds him, Moor tells the spacer stories of his adventurous younger life, when he explored the planets of the solar system, made first contact with aliens, and often fought and killed them.

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