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Mad Doctor. The Mad Doctor was created by the Australian author Frederick J. Thwaites and appeared in The Mad Doctor (1935) and The Mad Doctor in Harley Street (1938).

Garry Raymond, a veteran of World War One and surgeon, is begged by his sister to perform an abortion on her. He does, and she dies, and he goes to jail as a result. Five years later he emerges, his reputation ruined, and he departs for the most remote and deadliest jungles of Africa, where he performs surgeries on the natives and, using them as test subjects, perfects a method to cure paralysis in humans. Raymond then goes to London but runs into difficulties, botching a crucial surgery, and gains the nickname “the Mad Doctor.” But a few years later he is given another chance, and after the requisite number of complications he succeeds in redeeming himself and convincing both his medical colleagues and the press that his paralysis cure works.

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