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Mack, Madelyn. Madelyn Mack was created by Hugh C. Weir and appeared in five stories, a short story collection, and two films from 1912 to 1914, beginning with “The Bullet From Nowhere” (The Cavalier, Jan. 13, 1912).

Madelyn Mack is a Great Detective. She is a female consulting detective called, by a police detective “Miss Sherlock Holmes.” Mack is brilliant, eccentric, and scientifically accomplished. She has a Watson, Nora Noraker, a reporter, who Mack treats as Holmes did Watson. Mack is crisp and intelligent, does not seem given to many social pleasantries, and has a Holmesian lack of respect for the authorities and those not up to her level of intelligence. She indulges in “cola berries” as a stimulant and is an expert on the many properties of tobacco ash. Mack travels much more widely than Holmes did, however, and is more vivacious and less self-absorbed.

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