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Judge Lu. Judge Lu was created by "Weilu," the pseudonym of Lin Shu," and appeared in "The Shining Light in the Sea of Aggrieved Cases" (Xiaoshuo yuebao, Oct-Dec 1915). 

Judge Lu is a Chinese Great Detective modeled on Sherlock Holmes. In Jianyang County in Fujian Province the Wu family arranges a marriage for Wu Zhong, their second son to the daughter of the heads of the You gang, who have been harrassing the Wu family. Twenty years later, Wu Zhong's parents pass away. The families of Wu Zhong and elder brother Wu Bo live together. One day Ms. You returns home to find Wu Zhong dead in bed. Ms. You accuses Wu Bo of havng murdered him. Judge Lu uses his ideal wisdom and keen observation to see through Ms. You's scheme and convict her of the murder. 

Judge Lu "always has a good reputation and considers it his responsibility to maintain the good order of the world. He has the clearest understanding of the hardship of the commoners." Lu often dresses like a commoner himself to gather evidence, catch corrupt and unscrupulous merchants in the act, and even to eavesdrop on suspects. 

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