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Lowe, Jonathan. Jonathan Lowe was created by William J. Makin (Inspector Evans, Four Brains, Isaac Heron, Red Wolf of Arabia) and appeared in four stories in Blue Book in 1933 and 1934, beginning with “Man Killer” (Blue Book, July 1933).

Jonathan Lowe is an older (fifty-something), white-haired little man whose skin is tanned “almost the color of mahogany” from years serving as a game-ranger in Uganda and a forest officer in India. He now lives in St. John’s Wood, with an Indian and an African servant and a pet monkey. To pass the time he solves the crimes brought to him by his lone lodger, a crime reporter for the Daily Courier. He solves these crimes by using the skills which his years in the wilds and among animals gave him. Lowe is particularly interested in any crimes involving animals.

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