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Louw Tjheng Tie. Louw Tjheng Tie (1854-1921) was a Chinese monk and martial artist. He appeared in “Biroeang Dari Oetara” (Boelan Poernama, May 1930; as a novel, 1930), and “Herjono Anaknja Badjak Toewa Dari Bengawan Solo” (Boelan Poernama, July 1931; as a novel, 1931), both written by “Tjoekat Liang,” the pseudonym of the Indonesian author Lie Tjoei Khia.

The fictional Louw Tjheng Tie has martial arts abilities which are almost superhuman, and are close to those of Nüxia/Wüxia. In the first novel Louw, living in Indonesia, encounters a young Chinese man who pursues Louw in search of revenge for the death of the man’s father. After meeting Louw, the Chinese man renounces violence and settles in Parakan in Central Java. In the second novel Louw defeats an Indonesian pirate.

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