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Louque, Armand. Armand Louque was created by Victor Halperin (Dr. Stander) and appeared in the film Revolt of the Zombies (1936).

During World War One, Tsiang, a Cambodian priest, approaches the French authorities with a proposal: he’ll use his powers to create a unit of zombies which the French can throw against the Austrians. Unfortunately, the resulting demonstration is so successful that even the French are frightened, and they throw Tsiang in jail. Tsiang is killed in prison and the secret to making zombies is stolen. Years later, the Allies hear that someone in Cambodia is making zombies, using Tsiang’s ritual, and the Allies send an expedition to Cambodia to find the secret and destroy it forever. Armand Louque, a patriotic soldier and WW1 veteran, is on the expedition, but after his fiancée is stolen from him by another member of the expedition, Louque uses the secret of zombie-making to control the other members of the expedition. Ultimately the zombies revolt and kill Louque and the secret is lost.

* I'm including Revolt of the Zombies in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because it's an enjoyable film which happens to have a great imaginative premise. How this film hasn't been remade by now I'll never know--it's a natural for our zombie-crazed times. The ideas of zombies on the battlefield during WW1, and then a trip-to-Cambodia-gone-terribly-wrong, make for a fine film in Revolt of the Zombies, with pleasing direction and effects; imagine what such a film would be like with Fast Zombies rather than Slow Zombies? Revolt of the Zombies is an imaginative, fun film. In modern hands, a remake could be a classic. 

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