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Lord Snooty. Lord Snooty was created by Dudley Watkins (Desperate Dan, Strang the Terrible, Jimmy Watson) and appeared in the comic strip “Lord Snooty and His Pals” (1938-1964).

"Lord Snooty" is actually Marmaduke, the youthful Earl of Bunkerton. Although his normal home is Bunkerton Castle, where he is cared for by his Aunt Matilda and an army of footmen and servants, Marmaduke loves to slip out of his aristocratic clothes and into more ordinary togs, and then to escape from the castle and into Ash-Can Alley, where he is known as "Lord Snooty" and is the leader of a gang of "beezers." Lord Snooty and his gang fight against crime, even going on regular trips into Germany to fight the Nazis. Often they are helped by the eccentric inventor Professor Screwtop.

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