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Longhorn, Professor. Professor Longhorn was created by Julian Kendig and appeared in “Fourth Dimensional Space Penetrator” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1930) and “The Eternal Mask” (Amazing Stories, Feb. 1933).

Professor Longhorn is a Planetary Romance Hero. Longhorn is a physicist and mathematician who discovers that the fourth dimension is actually a dimension of motion, so that moving in a tesseract involves traveling into an atom. Longhorn invents a device which will shrink him and his friend Perkins, and they travel to a hydrogen electron, which they discover is inhabited by telepathic aliens. They return to Earth, bringing with them Lamar, one of the aliens, and a baby dinosaur. In the sequel, Longhorn, Perkins, and Lamar visit the Moon, which is inhabited by hostile Lunarians and ruled by a Chinese rocketeer.

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