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Long Menghua. Long Menghua was created by the pseudonymous Chinese author “Huangjiang Diaosou” and appeared in the serial “Yueqiu Zhimindi Xiaoshuo” (Xiuxiang Xiaoshuo, 1904-1905).

Long Menghua, a scholar from Hunan, murders a government official who is harassing the family of Long’s wife. Long and his wife flee Hunan for Southeast Asia. Their ship collides with a British liner, and Long’s wife disappears during the shipwreck. Long encounters Ōtarō Tama, a Japanese dirigible inventor, and the two team up to search for Long’s wife. They encounter, among others, a group of Nüxia/Wüxia intent on assassinating the leaders of the Chinese government, thereby ending the Qing dynasy. They all eventually decide that all the nations of the world are too corrupt for humans, so they set off in Ōtarō’s dirigible for the moon, where they establish a new, utopian country.

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