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The Lone Wolf. The Lone Wolf was created by Louis Vance (Faraday Bobbs, Dan Maitland, Terence O’Rourke, Captain Donald Parr) and appeared in five stories and serials, eight novels and short story collections, twenty-four movies, a radio serial, and a tv show from 1914 to 1965, beginning with “The Lone Wolf” (Munsey, Mar. 1914).

Michael Lanyard, the Lone Wolf, is a master thief who works in both America and Europe. When Lanyard was five years old he was brought to Paris and was allowed to raise himself in an obscure hotel. As a teenager he became a petty thief, but fortunately for him he was taken under the wing of Bourke, a talented Irish thief. Lanyard is renamed “Marcel Troyon” and sent to America, where he learns how to be a first-class cracksman. Bourke also teaches Lanyard how to steal, how to study the objective, strike fast, and rely on nobody. Lanyard becomes a master thief who is "intelligent, controlled, precise," with "rationality, self disciplined competence, objectivity; intelligence and perception of the highest order."

But he throws it all over for a pretty face. He encounters Lucy Shannon, an agent for the British Secret Service, who while not exceptionally pretty is self-sufficient with a good deal of self-composure and strength of character. Lanyard falls for her, hard, and resolves to reform. He does so, but then a Germany spy drives them from the U.S. They move to Belgium and Lucy gives birth to a son and daughter, but then World War One arrives and the Germans invade Belgium. Lucy and the children are murdered at the spy's instigation, and Lanyard pursues him without catching him. In New York Lanyard acquires Detective Crane of the N.Y.P.D. as a rival and eventually a friend, the man on the force who bends the rules for the hero. Lanyard goes on to work for the British Secret Service (fighting anarchists), alone in Spain and France (fighting a gang of jewel thieves), and alone in New York (against a mastermind of crime), ending up married after a seven month gap in his life (because of amnesia brought on by being hit with a car, of course).

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