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Lloyd, Brutus. Brutus Lloyd was created by “Thornton Ayre,” the pseudonym of John Russell Fearn (Maria Black, Golden Amazon, Vernon Walsh), and appeared in “The Man Who Saw Two Worlds” (Amazing Stories, Jan. 1940), “The Case of the Murdered Savants” (Amazing Stories, Apr. 1940), and “The Case of the Mesozoic Monsters” (Amazing Stories, May 1942).

Brutus Lloyd is a Big-Headed Dwarf Genius. He is a four-foot-tall scientist and criminologist. He specializes in research into “subatomic cultures” but is happy to solve crimes and mysteries when he is consulted, such as a man who can see into another dimension, or the murders of scientists through the use of a new synthetic chemical. He is eccentric, given to quoting Latin proverbs to make a point, and says, of himself, “My methods are unorthodox. At times, surprisingly enough, I have been called mad.” He carries an umbrella with him with a weak acid in its tip, which he uses as a weapon when pressed.

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