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Littlejohn, Long Sam. Long Sam Littlejohn was created by Lee Bond (Calamity Boggs, Oklahoma Kid, Navajo Tom Raine) and appeared in fifty-one stories in Texas Rangers from 1936 to 1952, beginning with “Outlaw’s Lead Tally” (Texas Rangers, Oct. 1936).

Long Sam Littlejohn is a Wanted Man. He is a tall, lanky man with grey eyes and unruly blond hair. He dresses all in black and rides a very ugly (if also very fast) roan horse named Sleeper. Littlejohn is pursued by the U.S. Marshals for a crime he did not commit; Littlejohn’s particular nemesis is Joe Fry. Littlejohn is of course a good man and helps innocent people wherever he finds them (which is nearly everywhere) and fights wicked criminals where he finds them (which, again, is nearly everywhere). Littlejohn is on good terms with some Texas Rangers, but generally avoids lawmen.

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