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Little People. The Little People were created by “Eando Binder,” the pseudonym of Earl Binder (Invisible Robinhood, Adam Link, Vincent Renolf, Dan Williams, Anton York) and Otto Binder (Invisible Robinhood, Adam Link, Mad Moor, Vincent Renolf, Dan Williams, Anton York), and appeared in “The Little People” (Fantastic Adventures, Mar. 1940) and “Wanderer of Little Land” (Fantastic Adventures, June 1941).

The Little People are a band of inch-high humanoids, similar to pixies, who live in a secluded area of the Catskills. They carry on an independent existence, defying danger (which comes to them often in the form of cats and ferrets) and always staying clear of the Big People, who they have avoided for many generations after being shunned and hunted. Eventually one of the Little People, Koro, goes too far, and the Little People are exposed to humans. Contact with humans leads to bad intentions on both sides. Eventually a human, Scott, sets the Little People free.

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