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Lion Man (I). The Lion Man (I) was created by Randall Parrish and appeared in the serial “The Strange Case of Cavendish” (All-Story Weekly, Apr. 20-27, 1918); the serial was filmed as The Lion Man (1919).

The Lion Man (I) is a Costumed Avenger. Circus magnate Frederick Cavendish realizes that his nephew John is a rotter and decides to disinherit him. John succeeds in murdering Cavendish and framing Jim Westcott, a mining engineer, for the murder. Westcott sets out to prove his innocence. He is assisted by Stella Donovan, a plucky reporter investigating Cavendish’s circus. She does this by going undercover as a high-wire artist. Westcott and Donvan are aided by the mysterious Lion Man, a costumed vigilante.

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