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Levert, Monsieur. Monsieur Levert was created by the French author Jean Toussaint-Samat and appeared in L’Horrible Mort de Miss Gildchrist (1932) and Le Mort a la Fenetre (1933).

M. Levert is Police Commissioner of Martigues in Provence in France. “The life of a police commissioner in Martigues is seldom troubled and glides along between the canals that divide in three the old fishing village, as devoid of drama and horrors as it is of cares.” And for M. Levert, that is how he prefers it, as the lack of cases leaves him with plenty of time to fish, which is his hobby and delight. But when murders are committed, he solves them, and in good fashion: “the Police Commissioner of Martigues was...a man of keen intelligence and deeply enamored of his profession which he, for his part, liked to term a ‘calling.’”

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