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Leroy, Rick. Rick Leroy was created by “Barry Perowne,” the pseudonym of Philip Atkey, and appeared in six short stories in The Thriller and four novels and short story collections from 1932 to 1940, beginning with “The Black Ace” (The Thriller, Aug. 30, 1932).

Rick Leroy is the broad-shouldered, lean-faced, tanned criminologist and amateur detective who haunts the East End of London in disguise, both to capture criminals and to gather information for the books he writes. (His first, Criminal Secrets, exposed many of the tricks that criminals used on civilians and police). For this he is hated by criminals of both English and European extraction, who try to kill him, although Leroy does have some friends among the criminal classes. Leroy is also looked askance at by the police, especially Chief Inspector Hansard. Leroy is knowledgeable and skilled despite his seemingly lazy attitude. He is the scapegrace son of an eminent nobleman, and is helped by Nan Fergus.

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