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Lennox, Bill. Bill Lennox was created by “W.T. Ballard,” the pseudonym of Willis Todhunter Ballard (Hymie Beerman, Jimmy DeHaven, Red Drake, Tomaso Sherman), and appeared in twenty-seven stories in Black Mask and five novels from 1933 to 1960, beginning with “A Little Different” (Black Mask, Sept. 1933).

Bill Lennox is a Bellem. He works in Hollywood as a "trouble-shooter" for "General-Consolidated Studio." Lennox reports to Sol Spurck, General-Consolidated’s production chief, and while some call Lennox Spurck's "watch-dog" Lennox is independent and capable of defying orders. Lennox is tough, cynical, and wise-cracking, but he is capable of getting sappy over a dame. "Ex-reporter, ex-publicity man, he had drifted into his present place through his inability to say yes and his decided ability in saying no."

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