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Lennartz. Lennartz was created by Curt Siodmak (Bernard AdrianRichard Donovan, Dr. SovacLarry Talbot) and appeared in the German film F.P. 1 Antwortet Nicht (1930).

In the not too distant future Lennartz, the wealthy and successful German shipbuilder, is gambling his entire fortune on the success of Flying Platform No. 1 (F.P.1), a quarter-mile-long floating airstrip and waystation to be anchored into place in the Atlantic. Lennartz’s intention is for F.P.1 to provide a mid-Atlantic refueling station for trans-Atlantic flights. But F.P.1’s opening is scheduled very close to when Lennartz’s loans are due, and if F.P.1 is sabotaged, the project will go to his biggest competitor. Naturally, Lennartz’s competitor is doing his best to see to it that F.P.1 misses deadline. Sabotage is plaguing the airstrip, and it is badly damaged enough that it will sink unless repairs are immediately performed. And, of course, the saboteurs have removed the supplied necessary to make the repairs, and have even destroyed the radios, so that those on the shore have no idea where F.P.1 even is.

Fortunately for Lennartz, the great pilot and explorer Ellissen agrees to find F.P.1 for the low price of Lennartz’s daughter agreeing to become his mistress. Ellissen finds F.P.1, it is fixed, Lennartz repays his loan, and when Lennartz’s daughter refuses to sleep with Ellissen, he does not insist.

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