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Lemaire, Miriam. Miriam Lemaire was created by “Coralie Stanton,” the pseudonym of Alice Hosken, and appeared in twelve stories which were collected in Miriam Lemaire, Moneylender (1906).

Miriam Lemaire is a Femme Fatale. She is a beautiful adventuress, graceful, sinuous, and bewitching. She is famous for her beauty–portraitists compete to paint her–and for her seductive abilities–the Home Secretary is her plaything, kings her puppets, and she saved one king from ruin while an Italian count shot himself for love of her. But, while charming, graceful, brilliant, and knowledgeable in the arts and sciences, she is callous and cruel, marrying men and ruining them, destroying the voice of a diva out of spite and sending a talented young painter to the scaffold to punish him. As is the way with fictional adventuresses, she is eventually punished by the author and left as the kept woman of a brutish German king with whom she has unwisely fallen in love.

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