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Laxworthy, John T. John T. Laxworthy was created by E. Phillips Oppenheim (Peter Benskin, General Besserley, Stanley Brooke, Joseph P. Cray, John Dickens, Nicholas Goade, Malcolm Gossett, Peter Hames, B. JasenGerald Jennerton, Algernon Knox, Ambrose LavendaleBaroness Claire Linz, Joseph Londe, Mannister, Lucie Mott, Sanford Quest, Aaron Rodd, Peter Ruff, Monsieur Sabin, Michael Sayers, Jasper Slane) and appeared in twelve stories in The Popular Magazine in 1912, beginning with “The Secret of the ‘Magnifique’” (The Popular Magazine, May 15, 1912); the stories were collected in Mr. Laxworthy's Adventures (1913).

John T. Laxworthy begins as a crooked hero and then reforms to become an amateur sleuth. In his first adventure he directs his pupils, W. Forrest Anderson and Sidney Wing, to steal the plans to a French battleship so that he can blackmail a German spy. In his later stories his opponents are mere criminals. Laxworthy's most challenging opponent is Dan Greenlaw, a master of disguise and murder. Laxworthy is an old, fussy man whose frail appearance belies his surprising strength and intellect.

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