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Lavenne. Lavenne was created by H. De Vere Stacpoole (Mynheer Amayat, Captain Blood (II), Dick Lestrange, Man in Grey (I), Jacques Radoub, Sigurdson, Captain Slocum) and appeared in “The Adventures of Lavenne” (Cassell’s Magazine, Dec. 1908-May 1909).

During the reign of King Louis XV of France M. Lavenne is a spy for the Parisian police. He is thirty, pale, thin, with luminous eyes, the face of a comedian and the air of breeding. He serves M. de Sartines, the Lieutenant of Police, and carries out whatever jobs that need doing, whether posing as a servant to spy on and intercept the letters of the faithless Baron Struve, discovering that the man who poisoned the king’s greyhound is de Sartines’ arch-enemy, or foiling the plot of Cardinal Richelieu to humiliate de Sartines.

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