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Larocque, Jean. Jean Larocque was created by the Canadian author Duc D'Orient and appeared in Jean Larocque de la Gendarmerie Royale, les Exploits de la Police Montée #1-44 (1943-1945).

Jean Larocque is a heroic and brave member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He is also a Québécois, which was unusual in a fictional Mountie of the 1940s. His adventures take him across Canada but are usually centered in Québéc. He fights Inuit witches, Soviet spies, American dope pushers, The Band of the Hippopotamus, atavistic dinosaurs, and half-Indigenous Femmes Fatale.

Larocque appears in stories with titles like “The Assassin of the Arctic,” “The Spies of Labrador,” and “Mother Morphine.”

* I'm including Jean Larocque de la Gendarmerie Royale, les Exploits de la Police Montéin the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of its historical importance and its imaginative content. There was heroic fiction published in Canadian magazines before Jean Larocque, and there were Canadian pulps published before Jean Larocque, but Jean Larocque was the first Canadian hero pulp, and set the tone for the dozens of other Canadian hero pulps which followed. In terms of ideasplosions, Jean Larocque is an enjoyable mix between the Mountie genre and the detective, spy, and science fiction genres, with some of the elements taken from those genres (the dinosaurs and the half-Indigenous femme fatale in particular) being deployed with obvious glee and relish. 

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