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Lann, Tomas. Tomas Lann was created by the Russian creators Vsevolod Pudovkin and Lev Kuleshov and appeared in the film Luch Smerti (1925).

Tomas Lann is a downtrodden factory worker suffering under an oppressive capitalist dictatorship. He creates a death ray which can help him free the oppressed proletariat and achieve a revolutionary paradise, but Revo, an evil, smirking, bald Jesuit who is the leader of an international gang of anti-revolutionary reactionaries, finds out about the death ray and arranges to have it stolen. After 125 minutes of adventures, gunfights, thefts and counter-thefts, Revo is killed, Lann gets the death ray back for the final time, the capitalist oppressors are deposed from power, and the workers reign supreme.

* I'm including Luch Smerti in the Best of the Encyclopedia category because of its historical importance. The red Pinkertonism phase of Soviet popular culture in the 1920s started before 1924 and included other works of science fiction besides Luch Smerti, but Luch Smerti, because of its quality, became an exemplar of the form. The film is exciting, of course, and surprisingly well-made considering the time and place in which it was made, and it has an appealing set of politics, all of which is why it became as popular and important as it did. Luch Smerti, with Aelita (see Los). became the archetypal Soviet sf films of the 1920s, and iconic for post-1991 Russian sf writers and directors. 

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