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Lane, Ivy. Ivy Lane was created by George Bruce (Captain Danger (I), Red Lacey, Nick Rongetti) and appeared in three stories in Detective Tales in 1936 and 1937, beginning with “The Case of the Deadly Dowager” (Detective Tales, Nov. 1936).

Ivy Lane is a Fop. I.V. Lane has had success wherever he’s gone. He was captain of his college football team, was a top college polo player and boxer, and when his father died he went to the Continent for two years. He returned to the U.S. and formed the detective agency Information, Incorporated, whose ads read: “You are frightened! Uncertainly and doubt assail you…you have no one to turn to—WITH YOUR LIFE IN THE BALANCE!...Information, Incorporated will guide you…” Lane is assisted by the grandiloquent “Senator” Joe Greer, a Con Man, a “confidence man...bunco steerer…three-card-monte-shark…you dip, you thug, you Jimmy Valentine.” Greer owed Lane’s father and out of sentiment and a desire to do some good puts his talents to use on Information, Inc.’s cases. Lane is tall, wears a monocle, is well-dressed, has a “powerful, lazily moving body” and a simpering, silly expression.

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