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Lane, Drury. Drury Lane was created by “Barnaby Ross,” the pseudonym of Frederic Dannay (Ellery Queen) and Manfred B. Lee (Ellery Queen), and appeared in four novels from 1932 to 1933, beginning with The Tragedy of X.

Drury Lane is a Shakespearean actor who is forced to leave the stage because of encroaching deafness. He goes to the Hamlet, his castle overlooking the Hudson, and occupies himself by dressing his friends and himself in the costumes of various Shakespearean roles. He is drawn into crime solving when he reads about a murder case that has baffled the N.Y.P.D., and he sends a series of letters to the police helping them on the case. This prompts District Attorney Bruno and Inspector Thumm to begin asking him for help with other cases. Drury usually settles the cases and helps catch the criminals without leaving his home. He is assisted by Quacey, a hunchback who served as his wigmaker and makeup artist for over forty years.

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