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Lane, Bradley. Bradley Lane was created by George Bronson-Howard (Plantagenet Hock, Nugent Leguerre, Yorke Norroy) and appeared in the story serial “The Radio King” (Radio News, Nov-Dec 1922); the serial was filmed as The Radio King (1922).

Bradley Lane is a Scientific Detective. He is a radio detective--that is, he uses radios and radio technology (bugs, microphones, wiretaps, and so on) to fight crime--and inventor. He confronts the Mad Scientist Marnee. Marnee, the “Wizard of the Electrons,” is a wheelchair-bound agent of the Soviets who plans to CONQUER THE WORLD! Marnee has various SCIENCE! weapons at his disposal, including a "Master Wave" which will "nullify radio and electricity all over the world! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" while Lane has an android he's built which he uses to fool a would-be assassin. Lane triumphs and Marnee goes insane.

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