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Lane, Andy. Andy Lane was created by Eustace L. Adams (Hawk from Hell, Ray Spencer) and appeared in the twelve-book “Andy Lane Flying Series,” beginning Fifteen Days in the Air (1928) and concluding with Prisoners of the Clouds (1932).

Andy Lane is a dashing young pilot and inventor who with his stalwart chums flies around the world, sets endurance records for air-to-air refueling, wins a race to the South Pole, fights air pirates, and discovers buried treasure using an autogyro of his own invention. Lane is the son of "one of the world's greatest inventors,” but Lane’s father is such an "impractical" businessman that the Lane family is always strapped for funds. Over the course of the series Andy Lane and his crew, John Lawson (the other pilot), Steve Lewis (the "assistant pilot"), Sam Allen (the mechanic), Dick Williams (another mechanic), Sonny Collins (the radio operator), and Scotty, Andy Lane’s faithful and intelligent dog, are required to build ever-bigger, ever-better planes. It is noteworthy that the planes are relatively technically accurate while varying in shapes and sizes.

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