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Landi, Giorgio. Giorgio Landi was created by the Italian creator Gianluigi Bonelli (Furio Almirante, John Mauri, Claudio Reni, Sandro, Marco Villa, Tex Willer, Yorga) and appeared in three comic strips in 1939, 1940, and 1941, beginning with “Il Mistero di Bridgeword.”

Giorgio Landi is a private detective. He is explicitly Italian and works in Italy as well as other countries, which was a departure from most America-centric Italian detective heroes of the time. Landi is visually modeled on Clark Gable and contemplatively smokes a pipe while considering cases and suspects. Landi is a cunning and clever detective as well as a master of disguise and impersonation. Landi takes on blackmailers in Rome, port thieves in London, and a case involving gems stolen from sacred icons in the state of Kapurthala.

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