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Lanagan, Jack. Jack Lanagan was created by Edward H. Hurlbut and appeared in ten stories in Collier’s in 1912 and 1913, beginning with “Whither Thou Goest” (Collier’s, June 1 1912); the stories were collected in Lanagan, Amateur Detective (1913).

Jack Lanagan is the “premier police reporter” for the Enquirer of San Francisco. He is “that nonchalant, imperturbable Bohemian, that drinker of innumerable drinks, that smoker of countless cigarettes, that irresponsible idler who by fits and starts is the fierce worker, the analyst of crime, and terror of thugs and murderers.” He is known to the San Francisco police, and respected by them, not just for his ability to solve crimes but for his thorough knowledge of the San Francisco underworld.

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