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Lamb, Johnny. Johnny Lamb was created by "John Donavan," the pseudonym of Nigel Morland (John Finnegan, Palmyra Pym, Michael Tandy, John Yardley) and appeared in five novels from 1937 to 1940, beginning with The Case of the Rusted Room.

Johnny Lamb is a Sergeant with Scotland Yard. He is “exactly thirty: tall, lean, and unlovely. About him was that pleasant air of ingenuous freshness that the public-school system is legendarily supposed to ingrain, along with a sense of humor, in Empire-builders.” Lamb entered Scotland Yard as a revolt against his father, the great pathologist Sir David Lamb, who had raised his son to be a laboratory pathologist. Naturally Johnny entered the force as a flatfoot and thanks to brains and hard work earned a promotion to Sergeant.

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