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Lal, Narayan. Narayan Lal was created by the Indian author Sarath Kumar Ghosh (The Rajah) and appeared in the story serial “The Trials of Narayan Lal” (Pearson’s (U.S.), Jan-Jun 1902); the serial was published as The Verdict of the Gods (1902).

Decades or centuries ago in India, Narayan Lal, juggler to the King and (according to himself, at least) of noble Rajput blood and of the Kshattric caste, has the presumption to gaze upon Princess Devala and to fall in love with her. For this, the King sentences Lal to death (ignoring that Devala is in love with Lal), but because Lal is of Rajput blood, he cannot be simply executed. The King therefore puts six difficult challenges in front of Lal, and if he survives them, he will not be executed and can marry the Princess. I leave it to you to guess what happened.

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